The Diverse Cumbria Awards have been set up to celebrate and award those working to make a difference in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within Cumbria. After about 6 years of running the  Outreach Cumbria, Ben worked alongside many hard working people who rarely ever got the recognition they deserved. So he decided to put his events hat on and do something about it. He had seen many diversity awards happen around the country but nothing like it had ever been done in Cumbria. 

For these Awards nominations are open to the public and are free to submit. They need to be around 200 words long and exlain in as much detail why the nomination is worthy of the award. These nominations then go to the panel of judges, who are made up of the previous years winers for the frist round of juding. From here they shortlist the entries for the second round. All shortlists are then asked to make a short video explaining in their own words what they do, which gets shown to the judges and on the night too. The Lifetime Achievement award is picked by the judges out of everyone who has been nominated. 

The categories of the Awards are:

  • Business Champion
  • Community Organisation Champion
  • Community Volunteer Champion
  • Educational Champion
  • Diversity Event of the Year
  • Positive Role Model 
  • Positive Young Person
  • Public Sector Champion
  • Lifetime Achievement

You can find more information about how the Awards and categories work in our terms and conditions here.